Our New Mailbox

I kept driving past our driveway. I know where we live but I kept missing the driveway because we had nothing to mark it. We have even had some confused delivery drivers that I consequently tipped well for the impromptu scavenger hunt. It was time we fixed this.

On one of the first days while exploring the property I had found an older black mailbox lying around. It was a little damaged but free so I wanted to use it. Carlie quickly vetoed the box because she didn’t want a dirty, dented, spider filled black mailbox (But I didn’t want to buy a new one).

On one of my many trips to Lowes I picked up some enamel spray paint. This stuff is perfect for coating metal items and makes for a super glossy finish that will translate into great night-time visibility for our box.

I did this one of the times that Carlie was down visiting her mom next door and when she saw it she approved! Next I had to make a post.

I know I could have just bought a post, sure. It would have taken less time and this project could have been done a lot sooner. New mailbox posts for just basic pressure treated 4x4s still cost about $40 depending on where you live.  I chose the other option! Two pressure treated 4x4s for $8 each and I was ready to go.

I made simple lap joints on the posts with my miter saw. It’s very simple to just make a bunch of cuts along the mid-point then break out the waste with a mallet and chisel. Once both sections were fit together I added an angled support. After it was finished you would not be able to tell the difference between it and any other simple post you could find in a store.

Since we’ve had so much rain recently the two-foot deep post hole was dug in a matter of minutes and the kids helped me fill in the post and screw on the box. We did it! Now we can get all the things that Carlie orders off of Amazon.

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