Moving Mayhem

What a crazy day!  I know I probably say that a lot but today our shipping container with the rest of our stuff arrived. I don’t think that I mentioned it yet on the blog but we had a phone call from the moving company with bad news.  Apparently the vehicle that was moving our container got in an accident and the container was damaged. We didn’t know what that meant exactly until our container arrived. The doors were ratchet strapped shut because the container had busted open during the accident. When I opened the doors I had this magical sight.

When the warning labels read “contents may shift in transit” I don’t think they mean roll-overs. The company sent me a claims form since our items were insured while being shipped so hopefully we can get some reimbursement. I asked about the accident and thankfully no one was seriously injured. This next lovely image is of our electric fireplace/entertainment stand that crumbled to pieces the second I moved it.  I should be able to salvage the fireplace unit and make something nice but the rest is headed for the dumpster.

I quickly began cataloging and trashing the broken items while trying to salvage whatever I could. When all was said and done I was surprised at how much went un-harmed. Thankfully the washer and dryer seem to be in working condition.  The worst part is that my custom made 10’6″ desk did not make it.  The cabinets got crushed in the accident and the very dry pine top took in so much moisture from the change in climate that it bowed too far to be fixed.  It looks like one of my first non-essential projects will be a new custom desk.  This is a picture of it before the move.

The kids were ecstatic at the sight of all their toys.  Carlie made up their beds with all of their stuffed animals and they quickly had a toy explosion in their room.

The best part is that Carlie was able to make up our bed (and a sneak peek at the updated wall and trim colors).  We haven’t slept on our own mattress for almost three weeks. I am going to sleep so well tonight!  Pretty soon I will have a final kitchen update and a bathroom update to share with everyone. Thank you for checking out the White Fox renovation.

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