Kitchen Project – 4

Well it has been a couple days and I have been moving a little slow (besides doing some tiling) but I finally have a great update for the books. We spent these last few days taking it easy and visiting family (the reason why moved back home) but today, from just after coffee until dinner time I put 100% focus on getting out kitchen functional again.  As you may remember or if you are just joining us now here is what the kitchen looked like when we first arrived.

This morning was spent wiping paste wax onto the shelves. I was trying to be economical by using the same paint that we wanted to use for the trim in the kitchen for all the cabinets but the major problem with this method is that we used latex paint. I’m not sure if you are familiar with using this in cabinets but the stuff is sticky. If left alone your plates, glasses, and other items will stick to the paint and peel it off, damaging both the item and the cupboard. The paste wax is a simple whipe-on finish that will protect the latex paint and seal the cabinet once buffed, so that items do not stick.


My next task was to get the pantry shelves in. Carlie said that we can’t keep the food in the bathroom linen cabinets anymore because that is gross and I agree.  That’s shelves are just simple melamine boards cut to width and slid onto adjustable shelving.

Next up was countertops. This is where I had the hardest time today. We chose to go with pre-fabricated laminate counters from Lowe’s. It was supposed to be easy!! Unfortunately they do not sell a double miter counter so I had to cut my own 45 degree on the awkward countertop.

I also had multiple mishaps with gravity. I should really invest in making a third saw-horse. Dropping one countertop broke the backplate right along the glue seam. These countertops are surprisingly fragile, it was a $75 mistake that I hoped I wouldn’t repeat.

Last I spent the rest of my day under the sink cabinet hooking up our new kitchen sink. The old sink was only six inches deep and the new one is nine, which is a great improvement but required me to re-work all the waste water plumbing to fit the deeper sink.

What a drastic improvement! Take a look at the current state of the kitchen. you can hardly tell it was the same old dirty, neglected kitchen that we started with. I can’t wait to get the cabinet doors sanded and painted. Our new appliances come Thursday and will be a great improvement also.

Thanks for reading at the White Fox, hope to see you back soon! I leave you with the most up-to-date picture of the Kitchen.

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