Kitchen Project – 3

Wow! I don’t know how to even start this post.  I am just blown away by how much we accomplished today. It more than makes up for our slow days.

I woke up this morning around 4:00 AM and felt fully rested so my brain was just running through all of my many projects trying to organize them into a plan.  I decided to rest in the bed until 6:00 AM and went downstairs to make coffee. After a cup I headed outside to the workshop (really messy detached garage) to grab the rest of the dishwasher cabinet and threw it together (pictured as the feature for this post).

Carlie suggested that we get our first coat of paint on and I agreed that it was time.  We had a ton of help today.

Carlie was super happy with the color of the cabinets. Here you can see her approving the color, or maybe she’s approving something else in her vision.

I even got a chance to start the refrigerator enclosure, which will have to extend past the wall only about four inches.  We thought an enclosure, although taking up more room, would look nicer than staring at the side of a refrigerator.  Just some simple plywood cabinets with pine face frames, imitating the style of the original cabinets.  I intend to extend the crown molding to cover the gap around the added cabinet as well as add a special surprise for Carlie and the Kids.  Check out the next post to see what it is!

As you can see the white really makes the space feel much bigger.  We made sure to get a counter depth refrigerator to try and keep the space feeling open even after they are installed.  All in all it was a super productive day, we can’t wait to sand and get a second coat of paint on to make the cabinets really pop.  We still have a lot to go but it is starting to look more and more like the kitchen we want (for now).

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