Kitchen Project – 2

What a crazy couple of days. These were some old dirty and grimy cabinets that had to get cleaned up and ready for their new finish and it took about 10 sanding belts and almost 25 sanding discs to finally get it to the place I wanted.   The demolition in some areas was like playing Russian Roulette with a German carpenter because I never knew what kind of fasteners I would find. I also had to add supports to the sink side cabinets because it was basically just a face frame screwed into the walls on either side

We did it! We are done removing and now it is time to add to the kitchen cabinets. Today, in addition to buying a dishwasher, I got started on building the lower cabinet where the dishwasher will go. I talked Carlie into putting the dishwasher closer to the refrigerator instead of the sink (only an eleven inch difference) so that she doesn’t open the dishwasher door into her legs.

The cabinet build is going pretty smoothly and I am only focusing on quick functional cabinets as we plan on remodeling the kitchen in about a year. It helps that I picked up some pneumatic tools which are a ton of fun.

I know this post isn’t probably as much progress as you would like to see because I too feel I was running a little slow these past few days. Additionally I had a couple unplanned errands so please enjoy this small bonus project. In the next picture you can see what our doorbell was when we got here.

As much as I like to envision our house guests defusing a bomb when they ring the bell I thought it should be time to get a doorbell up.

It was a gift from Carlie’s father and we love it.  Carlie has said that she wants a patch of wild sunflowers on the property at some point so this little bell suits her well.  I find that sometimes when you are tackling a large project you need to have a small break for a small success in order to keep your spirits high. This will have to get removed temporarily when we focus more on the outside. Alas, I am only one man, if only we could clone me.


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