Kitchen Project – 1

When you have a busy day it’s time to start it right, with a good breakfast of course!  I awoke this morning at 6:00 and started the routine of starting the wood stove and making coffee; however, today was different.  Today was the last day to use the stove for a little while as I was prepared to start my partial demolition of the kitchen

I love big projects! It’s an excuse to do one of my favorite things, acquiring new tools.  For this job I was going to need more sanding power than my arm can provide and my handheld belt sander won’t be able to get into some spaces so I decided I should finally pick up a random orbital sander. I spent a little extra for one that is variable speed as I will most likely use this thing in different ways (it’s actually great at vibrating concrete countertop molds, idea for later).

I brought along my father in-law and his brother to help push carts around. I was purchasing a bunch of supplies for other projects as well as the one I was going to start today (plus new appliances, come back for the reveal). Yes, that is three large carts and by-far the most I’ve spent at  one-shot in a retail store.

It was time to get to work. Carlie thought it would be good to hang some plastic to keep the dust under control so now I have my very own dusty corner of the house.  This would basically be my home until it was all prepped for painting (Carlie is better at staying in the lines).  I brought my shop-vac in with me to be my best friend, donned my dust mask to keep my lungs safe, and got to work!

This is super messy stuff. The old countertop was bolted down in a really strange way.  Getting just the counter detached was a chore intil I remembered that we were throwing it out. At that point I just started cutting into it and using a crowbar and mallet.

We chose to remove one of the small lower cabinets in favor of installing a dishwasher. I will be building a new carcass for that and custom cabinet space as it isn’t an exact space for what we removed. Next I tore out one of the layers of flooring. I say layers because under the tongue and groove imitation tiles came up there was an old 70s linoleum floor that will be coming up as well (hopefully tomorrow).

As I continued working on dismantling the kitchen I started to worry whether or not I would even start sanding today. So I got to a good stopping point and cleaned up my mess in the workspace. We do not have a dumpster so for now I will have to collect debris in just one spot.

All in all I would call today a success. I should be able to just get up and go in the morning before the day get too hectic. At least the spots I did get to sand today came out amazingly well. This project will definitely take up more than one entry. I cannot wait to show you the final.


Can’t wait to see you here again so you can check the progress as we make this house into our Home.

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