Finally Home

Colorado Springs

“Are we ready to go yet?” Is the yell I hear coming from the back seat of the car as Carlie and I frantically pack what is left in the house. Hudson and Hazel had already been sitting in the car for close to an hour in anticipation of our long journey back to New Hampshire.

We finally finished up and were on the road for three thirty. Just two and a half hours behind schedule and just in time for the house cleaner to show up. Our old house in the springs is scheduled to be put on the market in a couple days.

After being in the military for almost five years and in Colorado for another year it was time for us to get back to our family in New England. We were tired of being over 2,000 miles away from everyone.

The frantic job search began a few months ago. It took some time and hard work but I finally got a job offer that seemed to work for us.  So like a hurricane we packed everything up into a shipping container and towed the rest (my tools included) in a trailer behind our land yacht.

We were off! It wasn’t a bad trip but after 35+ hours in the car and a very stinky one-night stay in a pet friendly hotel we finally made it to New Hampshire. We arrived around eleven thirty at night so we couldn’t go to see our new home right away. We only had enough energy to crash on my in-laws couches and air mattress.

New Hampshire

The next day, after a much needed home-cooked breakfast and coffee, we headed up to look at our new place.  The property is connected to Carlie’s mom’s by some back paths so after everyone was full we walked up to check the house out.

This was the view as we headed into the property.  Such a huge change from the crop grown houses in suburban Colorado Springs. There is room to breath and grow up here. All in all the property is in good shape but just needs some important fixes in the bathroom and kitchen.  We will also have to figure out the bedroom situation for the kids.

Everything we do to make this house our new home will be logged and kept here. In part to share our experience but mainly so we can look back on our journey. Please enjoy pictures of the house. More will come I’m sure.

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