Bundle or Burn

The first night in the White Fox was chilly.  I mean bone chilling cold. I guess we didn’t take the hint from the five wood-burning stoves and one open fireplace on the property that they needed some extra heating on cold nights. There is an old baseboard heating system in the house but it is still up in the air whether or not the old thing works.

It was a very cool September day so we decided to fire up the main living wood stove to take the chill off in the morning. It worked great! Each log lasted about 2-3 hours and could heat the whole space.

We still didn’t fully learn our lesson from the previous night. We chose to bundle up last night. Carlie gave the kids our sleeping bags for their air mattresses (we still don’t have all of our stuff) to keep them warm and we bundled up with a camping blanket and sheets on the queen mattress. It helps that we have a four legged heater that likes to cuddle too.

We still awoke to a frigid house so tonight we waited until the kids were put to bed and we were close behind to fire up the stove again. Thankfully the previous tenants left a large pile of kindling in the garage.

I brought some in for tonight and some extra for the morning and grabbed a couple large logs from the stack out back and got it going.

Hoping for a warmer night and morning because I have a BIG project day ahead of me. Kitchen, you are my first target.

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