We are a country loving New Hampshire grown family that loves to get our hands dirty in all types of projects around the house.


Our Story

Carlie and I both grew up in small towns in New Hampshire but didn’t meet until we were both adults.  We quickly fell in love and started a family.  Our life’s journey took us into Military service for five years.  We got to travel and live in Hawaii, New Mexico, and finally Colorado.  Having grown some and expanded our family more we decided that we wanted to get back to our roots and raise our children back on the east coast.  I recently had the gift of receiving a job offer back in New Hampshire allowing us to move back.  We quickly set our house up for sale and are moving into an old farm property in Deerfield NH.  It has great charm but needs a lot of cosmetic (and some not-so-cosmetic) work but we are up to the challenge.  I just wanted to share our experience with you.

Meet the Team

We will soon have a family photo taken on the property that we will post here to you but the team consists of myself, Rob, my loving wife Carlie, my smart and funny son Hudson, and my sweet daughter Hazel.  We also have a furry dog named Fluff Cloud Marshmallow, or Fluff for short.